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Please report your own experience below in the comment section so that we can alert the fda to ongoing problems associated with clindamycin.

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clindamycin is nearly completely absorbed orally with a half-life of 2.

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when patients who did not receive incision and drainage were excluded, there were no significant differences between the tmp-smx n 54 and clindamycin n 20 cohorts with respect to composite failures 26 vs 25 , microbiologic failures 13 vs 15 , additional inpatient interventions 6 vs 5 , or additional outpatient interventions 20 vs 20 .

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using the projected k i value determined from the inhibition study, the i k i ratio for the clindamycin with respect to cyp3a4 is approximately 0.

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clindamycin is a cyp3a4 substrate; oxcarbazepine is a moderate inducer of cyp3a4.

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adverse gi effects of clindamycin include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and tenesmus.


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